XBOX ONE Accessibility Features

Did you know that XBOX ONE has accessibility features? Now you know! Here’s a rundown of them. First of all, you need to press the Xbox button to open the guide, and then select Settings > All Settings > Ease of Access, then you can access them. You will see the narrator which reads out text, buttons, and other elements. This is good for people with vision impairment. The next accessibility feature is the magnifier, and again, this is designed for vision impaired people. It zooms in on the screen, so you can see text and images better on your Xbox One. You can use Magnifier with your controller or with a connected USB keyboard. The last feature is very powerful and it is for someone who can’t use the controller properly. Button mapping is a function that allows you to change the button to another button. For example, the user can reprogram the “B” button to “Left bumper”. To learn more about these three amazing functions, watch the videos below.

The Narrator:


Button Mapping: