What devices can we control using the Quantum Q-Logic 3?

As you may know, Quantum wheelchairs are very popular but do you know what the Q-Logic 3 controller can do for you? The first feature is Bluetooth which allows you to turn your joystick into a mouse to control Mac and PC computers. You can have 8 different computers synced to your controller to swap around at any time you need. This is very handy if you use multiple computers at work, home or both! It can also connect to iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet using the switch control feature. Again, you can have 8 different phones and tablets connected to your controller to switch between. (Pardon the pun!) The Quantum Q-Logic 3 can also handle infrared,  this gives you control of your entertainment systems, thermostat, lights and fans. Check out these helpful videos that we found.