What a year for trying eye gaze technology!

Some of us who lack upper body control/capabilities love to control a device with our eyes. And that is certainly a reality now! There are a lot of providers that offer this amazing technology including Tobii, Alea Intelligaze and Eye gaze edge by LC Technologies. It is great to see that we have so many choices and it can be a little bit overwhelming on what device to go for! We know, as we have tried them all, and still to this day are a little confused as to which one is most suitable for my needs. At the moment, I am trying out the Grid Pad Eye 11 by Smartbox with the Alea Intelligaze eye tracker. I must say that it is very compact and cost effective. At the end of the day I will choose my eye gaze device based on ease of use, meeting my personal needs, how many hours I can get out of it before it needs to be plugged in and cost. Stay tuned for which device I pick! At the end of the day it’s all about what works for the individual isn’t it!