PC access without clicking and on screen keyboard

Age: 0

Disability: Cerebral Palsy

Device: Windows Desktop/Tablet/Laptop

Platform: Windows 7 or later

Software: Point N Click

Hardware: Any sort of trackball, joystick and head pointers

Fine motor and physical skills

If you have difficulty using a PC because you can’t click and type on the keyboard properly, there’s a program called Point N Click by Lake Software that is free, it allows you to dwell click, it clicks for you automatically when the mouse isn’t moving and the user has reached its destination after however many seconds you want it to be. Lake Software also has a free onscreen keyboard called Click-N-Type that allows you to type with your mouse but unfortunately it’s only good up to Windows 7 but Windows has added a different onscreen keyboard to its operating system. To activate it: Go to Settings, Ease of Access, Keyboard, then click on the slider under On-Screen Keyboard.