PC access for vision impaired

Age: 0

Disability: Vision Impaired

Device: Windows Desktop/Laptop

Platform: Windows XP or later

Software: NV Access

Hardware: Normal keyboard or mouse

Low vision/blind

Vision impaired community can control a PC windows/laptop with a little help from NV Access. A free screen reader allows them scan the way through what is on the screen via a moving curser controlled by a mouse or a keyboard to listen what item or text is highlighted. It can also be translated to braille if the user has a braille display. NV Access supports 43 languages. Here is some example to control it on the keyboard, left arrow key or 1 = Say Prior Character, right arrow key or 3 = Say Next Character, 5 =say word, NVDA+ up arrow) or 8 =Say current line, NVDA +N = NVDA Menu.