Access an Apple TV by iPhone/iPad via switch control

Age: 0

Disability: Quadreplegia

Device: iPhone/iPad, Apple TV 4th or 5th gen

Platform: IOS 7 or later, tvOS 10.1 or later

Software: None

Hardware: AbleNet Hook+ Switch Interface/ AbleNet Specs Switch

Fine motor and physical skills

Make sure that switch control is turned on on the iPhone/iPad and be on the same WIFI network. To switch out from your iPhone/iPad and into your Apple TV by going to menu items window …deviceuse other deviceyour Apple TV. From there, scanning should begin. If you want to access to the remote, just bring the menu item… remote. The remote should come up on the left of the screen beginning to scan the remote. If you want to get out of the remote, press the switch once the whole remote is selected. If you want to stop using the Apple TV and go back to your iPad, bring the menu item… device stop using device.