CJ Marshall

Age: 28

Disability: Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Device: PC

Platform: Windows

Software: eViacam, VoiceAttack, Splashtop Touchpad for ios

Hardware: Intel RealSense D415 external webcam

Use of one finger and moderate head movement and full voice when trach is uncuffed.

Turn on computer, have phone as touchpad positioned just-so, launch touchpad app, launch eViacam, run Assisted Calibration if necessary, launch VoiceAttack, Enjoy!

Advantages: Sort-of cheap, a full VoiceAttack license is $10 and not technically necessary if you have the patience to reconfigure the single profile for each activity, eViacam is free and works with any built-in or external webcam.
Disadvantages: eViacam can be picky about the angle that your face needs to be at to be picked up properly, VoiceAttack has a little bit of latency so fast-paced games are a nonstarter.

An easy input for quick movements in games