Age: 56

Disability: Deaf total in one ear, partial in the other, Hearing Impairment

Device: TV,

Platform: TV

Software: none

Hardware: TV, Headphones, Bluetooth converter

Partial hearing

TV wireless headphones, I use a sennheiser TR120II headphone that works well without the sound up on the TV as it tends to echo if the sound is up. The unit is an anoulog unit and I think that creates the slight lag. It connects to the RCA out on your TV or box or the earphone jack if you have one. If you are looking at using it while other people are watching with the sound up I would not recommend it. I am trying out a digital set up with a fibre input from the TV or Box to Bluetooth out. The boxes are available on ebay for about $20 to $40 and are available in RCA, usb, and fibre inputs depending on what you have on your TV. You then need a bluetooth head set or head phones. There are plenty of these around but a lot of them only have 2-4 hours of use time. I am looking at a plantronic explorer 500 unit as it is mono and has about a 12 hour use time.

Advantages: It is wireless and gives good sound at the volume you need without annoying able hearing people. The headphone/s can be used on other devices.
Disadvantages: On the sennheiser unit there is echo when the TV volume is up.

Have mute button which the plantronic unit may have as I haven't got it in the mail yet. This would be good if you are have a conversation with someone.