Age: 56

Disability: Deaf total in one ear, partial in the other, Hearing Impairment

Device: PC, Tablet, Phone, TV

Platform: Windows, Android, TV

Software: Windows, Android

Hardware: Oppo, TV, Tablet

Partial hearing in one ear.

To get good sound from just one headphone. Set up operating system to output mono sound instead of stereo using the sound area in settings. This can be done on most operating systems. If it can't or you use lots of devices that don't have that capability which my current Oppo R11S phone does not have the option I use a simple method of soldering the last two segments on the tip of the plug together to turn the earphones into mono. There is a picture below. If doing it be careful not to apply to much heat as the insulating rings can melt or distort. if they distort just use a fine file and file it back down so it goes into the hole ok. Another idea is ask your friends if they have any old faulty earphones as you only need one earphone working and they probably have expensive earphones sitting in their draw that you could use.

Advantages: I get both channels of sound instead of just one. As I only need one earpiece I use an old lead or buy a $2 set and solder the other ear piece on after doing my plug fix I now have two devices to listen on. In other words two for one.
Disadvantages: The headphones are only mono now.

Make me millions. only kidding.