Age: 28

Disability: Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Device: Playstation 4


Software: Gav pie, Kmg Capture

Hardware: Adapted PS4 Controller, Titan 1, Up to 4 switches

Limited hand movement, good finger movement, lack of strength in fingers. I can't hold anything heavy. I get fatigued quite easily.

I have an Adapted PS4 Controller made by the UK based Gaming charity called Special Effect. The buttons have been made for lightpress input and the analog sticks are more sensitive. They added switch ports for remapping controls with up to 4 switches, depending on the game. I have 1 switch placed on my left side of my headrest and the other 3 are stuck to the back of the PS4 Controller. The ports were initially used for R3+L3 remapping however I now have voice commands setup through the Gav pie, Kmg Capture software on my computer which connects to a Titan 1 device which plugs into the PS4 USB controller port and your PS4 controller and microphone

Advantages: Adapts to my abilities, doesn't focus on my disability. Able to create voice commands for practically anything in games.
Disadvantages: The microphone needed for voice commands picks up sound when you're playing a game and sometimes activates the button press. Programming voice commands through the software is slightly confusing and difficult.

I wish that voice commands could be inbuilt into the controller or the PS4 console as an accessibility feature.