Age: 28

Disability: Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Device: PC

Platform: Windows 10

Software: Logitech Gaming Software 9.02

Hardware: Logitech G502, Tobii Eye-Tracker 4C

Limited hand movement, good finger movement, lack of strength in fingers. I get fatigued quite easily.

My PC setup is completely mouse-only. I hold my Logitech G502 mouse between both hands, which are supported on 2 sponges so my fingers rest on top of the mouse. I've stuck velcro strips on specific areas of the mouse to aid grip and as a guide so I don't have to keep looking down at the mouse. I also use Dictation and an on-screen keyboard

Advantages: Advantages of my Set-up My Logitech G502 gaming mouse has 11 easy click buttons, it's lightweight and has a smooth gliding movement. You can remap button layouts through the Logitech Gaming Software and radically increase DPI sensitivity, The mouse even detects which games you are playing and allows you to map the game's specific control options. You can save up to 3 profiles on the inbuilt mouse memory and swap between them. The mouse has a hyperfast scroll wheel which with a press of a button turns into a regular notch scroll wheel The mouse allows me to decrease the usage of the on-screen keyboard because I've mapped DELETE, ENTER & PASTE onto the mouse
Disadvantages: Quite expensive. Some of the buttons are harder for me to press or reliant on slow repositioning due to hand function. I cannot press the middle click button so I can only remap using 10 buttons

The remapping function is different between the onboard memory and game detection software memory. The onboard memory doesn't allow you to remap right or left click apart from swapping them. I would like it if the mouse could automatically swap profiles for you depending on the program, screen or game that is open.