Age: 32

Disability: Emotional Disability, Cognitive Disability

Device: laptop, smartphone, smartwatch

Platform: lubuntu, android, pebble watch

Software: Laptop: habitica, brili, google sheets. // Smartphone: grayscale, cbt-i app, habitica app, brili app, pocket cast app, dbt911 app. // Pebble watch: Timestamp, Multi timer, Series timer, Alarms++

Hardware: none

Physical capabilities are typical, with exception of requiring 9--11 hours of sleep, nightly.

Laptop: I check my routines on google sheets throughout the day to help stay on task and make sure that I am eating every two--three hours. Each Brili routine is set up to accommodate varying energy levels (max, medium, minimum). Habitica, I set the difficulty of my dailies to reflect how high of a priority it is for me to complete that each day (ex: Daily meds are "hard", Eating is "hard", a general goal that I am working on may be "medium" or "easy.") Smartphone: Keeping my smartphone set to black and white/grayscale helps limit distractions. The CBT-i app I use pretty directly as intended for managing insomnia. I keep a link to my google sheet tracking on the home screen and utilize that throughout the day. I utilize the habitica app throughout the day. I use pocket casts (besides for just general podcast listening) to help with task switching. I keep pros/cons quadrants saved in the DBT911 app (under modules, under distress tolerance, bottom of the screen "my pros and cons lists") for recurrent challenges and utilize the focus questions under the "in crisis" section when overstimulated.

Advantages: I find it much easier now to adjust my energy output to my abilities on a given day, while feeling confident that I will complete the "absolute minimum" required on any given day.
Disadvantages: Not always as fine tuned as I would like.

I would like to add a Beam Pro Telepresence Robot to use at my place of worship. I am most symptopmatic in the mornings, and this makes attending meetings very difficult. There are times when I can't make it to meeting in person but would be able to attend remotely. This would address both spiritual and social needs. Also, I'm concerned about possibly running into required university courses that are only offered in the morning as I continue my education. Similarly, if I could somehow have a Beam Pro Telepresence Robot in the classroom, that would address the "must participate in and attend class" essential function that may otherwise leave the course inaccessible to me due to missing too many days due to flare-ups.