Emego Assistive EMG Switch

Age: 0

Disability: MND, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Muscular Atrophy, Spinal Chord Injuries

Device: USB or 3.5mm compatible devices


Software: AAC software

Hardware: EMG Switch

Anyone can use the Emego. It is particularly good to use for people with very minimal muscle movement. Emego can detect even the slightest of muscle movements and convert this into a switch.

The Emego is placed on any working muscle on the body (head, arms, legs etc) It then wirelessly connects to the base unit. The base unit is used for adjusting the sensitivity, charging and can be plugged in either by USB or 3.5mm to AAC and EC devices. Once properly set up you simply twitch your working muscle to activate the Emego switch and use just like a normal switch. Ideal for people who find normal push button switches tiring or hard to physically press. Emego uses electromyography (EMG) technology. Find out more about it here: www.emeg.co.uk