RightHear – An accessibility solution for people who are blind or visually impaired

Age: 3

Disability: Blindness

Device: Android Phone/Tablet

Platform: 4.3 and up

Software: RightHear


Low vision/blindness/Vision impaired

Right-Hear is an advanced accessibility solution that allows people who are blind or visually impaired to acquire better orientation in public spaces (mostly indoor). It allows users to know where they currently are and get 360° of space orientation simply by pointing the phone in a specific direction. It also enables the user to call a local assistant for further guidance. The app is fully accessible for VoiceOver users. Every Accessibility Spot (AS) contains a tiny, smart, self-powered sensor that uses Bluetooth technology to detect whenever a user is nearby. It can be easily installed anywhere, indoors and outdoors. Accessibility Spots can be typically found near entrances, restrooms, elevators, stairs or any other point of interest in venues. Mobile app features include: CURRENT LOCATION – Helpful, relevant information about the AS location: opening hours, services, nearby obstacles, venue description, special events etc. 360° ORIENTATION – Information about the surroundings of the user’s current location and points of interest nearby with clear details about their direction and distance. LIVE ASSISTANT – A local assistance representative that users can call for further information about venues and physical guidance information if required. NEARBY ZONES – A list of all Accessibility Zones (AZ) nearby the user (sorted by distance). RightHear also allows the user to navigate to an Accesibility Zone using a 3rd party application (i.e. Google Maps). When approaching the Accessibility Zone’s entrance, the user will start receiving accessibility information. Client Dashboard is a content management platform which allows the venue’s owner to manage the fleet of Accessibility Spots and easily edit the accessibility information in real-time. The content will be immediately updated and available on the AS. Dashboard is available at ight-hear.com in the menu under “login”.