Woodpecker – Connect switches or a digital joystick

Age: 0

Disability: MND




Hardware: Woodpecker

The Woodpecker will be suitable for a user with a physical disability who wishes to connect switches or a joystick to a computer.

Woodpecker is a small hardware interface which allows you to connect switches or a digital joystick to a computer. The Woodpecker plugs into a USB port and provides connection of 1 to 5 switches or a digital joystick. The Woodpecker can be used to operate Mind Express and KeyVit or it can be used with it’s own software to operate other programs. The Woodpecker comes with three programs: ‘Woodkey’, which is a powerful macro-editor that links keystrokes to the switches, allowing the user to operate other software programs. ‘Woodshow’, which is an action-reaction program that links a picture and a sound to a switch and ‘Woodmouse’, which enables the user to control the mouse and switches. Woodpecker permits the switches actions to be defined, and the macros can be programmed. Most switches can be used with Woodpecker.