Candy Corn Proximity Switch – Activate without touching

Age: 0

Disability: Autism Spectrum Disorder




Hardware: Candy Corn Proximity Switch

Non-verbal communication / low verbal communication skills / fine motor skills or can use a switch control mechanism to control a device.

The Candy Corn proximity sensor switch is highly sensitive and does not require physical touch to activate. Just wave your hand or other portion of your body within 10 mm’s of the switch to activate. Visual and auditory cues occur when the switch is activated. It is compact in size and can be activated without touching. There are orange lights that will activate for visual cues and it has a beeping sound for auditory cues. It has a 3.5 mm switch jack and is mountable using any AbleNet Mounting System such as the Universal Switch Mounting System with a Universal Mounting Plate. It is important to note that it is not compatible with high current devices such as TrackerPro, switch-adapted toys, battery operated scissors, and Paint ‘N’ swirl.