n-ABLER Pro Rollerball

Age: 0

Disability: Spinal cord injuries




Hardware: n-ABLER Pro Rollerball

Non-verbal communication / low verbal communication skills / fine motor skills or can use a switch control mechanism to control a device.

The n-ABLER Pro Rollerball is a switch that offers a high mass, 63 mm free-running ball. It has a rugged construction and ergonomic design with a large footprint for maximum stability. The Pan button allows for easy navigation of documents. The symmetrical design means it can be used with either hand and it has integral wrist support to minimise fatigue. All buttons have white legends on black backgrounds for easy identification of button functions. The n-ABLER Pro Rollerball offers both audible (switchable to mute) and visual warnings indicating selection or change of function. There is an anti-tremor button with three settings to compensate for the degree of tremor to improve cursor control. The cursor speed can also be controlled. It offers easy ‘plug and play’ installation. This device will auto detect PS2 and USB protocols.