Pal Pad Switches – A low profile switch

Age: 0

Disability: Down Syndrome




Hardware: Pal Pad Switches 

Non-verbal communication / low verbal communication skills / fine motor skills or can use a switch control mechanism to control a device.

Pal Pad Switches are ideal for students who are distracted by audible clicks or need a low profile switch, and can exert very little pressure. The activation force is only 34 g so just the slightest touch is needed either from directly above or at a shallow angle. Pal Pads can be plugged into communication aids, battery operated devices or computer interfaces. Even though Pal Pads are flat and are approximately only 1/4 of a cm thick they are rigid and durable. They are designed to be tolerant of rough use. Three sizes are available, 5 cm x 5 cm, 6cm x 10 cm and 11.5 cm x 15 cm and four colours, yellow, red, green and blue. These pads come with a standard cord with a 3.5 mm monoplug.