MotionSavvy UNI – Sign Language to Voice System

Age: 0

Disability: Hearing Impairment




Hardware: MotionSavvy UNI

People who have difficulty hearing or cannot hear at all. People who have the capacity to use sign language to communicate with non-hearing impaired people.

UNI is the first real time translation technology that converts sign language to grammatically correct spoken language. UNI, created by MotionSavvy enables fluid two-way communication between the deaf and the hearing using two distinct technologies. First, the gadget monitors sign language using integrated cameras and special recognition software, and it translates signs into spoken words. Then, when a hearing person responds by speaking, the gadget converts that speech into text that is displayed on its screen for the deaf person to read. When first released in 2015 UNI could read at least 2000 signs but more signs are being made available in regular updates. Users can also configure new signs themselves using SignBuilder software. Two versions of UNI are available. There is a hardware device as well as a software-only solution. Both solutions require a small monthly payment that gives users access to SignBuilder and CrowdSign, which takes user-programmed signs and shares them with all other Uni users. CrowdSign lets the user upload, download, share and manage signs. Another feature is UNI Cloud, it enables users to update and manage the vocabulary on their devices. There is also a dictionary featur where you can build your own sign language dictionary with custom signs catered to your preferences.