iComm – Picture and voice communication aid

Age: 0

Disability: MND/ALS

Device: iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

Platform: iOS 4.3 or later

Software: iComm


Non-verbal communication/ low verbal communication skills / fine motor skills or can use a switch control mechanism to control a device.

iComm is a picture and voice communication aid for children. It is ideal for children with disabilities or pre speech toddlers. The user can add their own photos for maximum engagement and any choices are confirmed with a yes/no screen. Content can be personalised, the full version (paid) offers 20 categories while the free version offers 9. A sound recording option is available in the full version. Most files in iComm are blank to give the user complete flexibility to add individualised photos and voice. The app then becomes a tailored communication device for a child that it will instantly recognise. iComm provides content for basic fundamental communication.