iCommunicate – visual schedules, communication boards and more

Age: 0

Disability: Apraxia

Device: iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

Platform: iOS 7 or later

Software: iCommunicate


Non-verbal communication/ low verbal communication skills / fine motor skills or can use a switch control mechanism to control a device.

iCommunicate lets the user design visual schedules, storyboards, communication boards, routines, flash cards, choice boards and speech cards. It is customisable to an indivudual’s needs. iCommunicate utilises Text-to-Speech with 20 voice options. Higher quality options are available with WiFi or 3G connection. The user can also record their own audio for pictures and boards. It includes 10,000+ N2Y SymbolStix at no extra cost. Images can be organised into two different board configurations. The options are one picture at a time, using a swipe action to move back and forth, or 4 x 10, where 4 pictures across by 10 down are displayed (2 x2, 4×4 etc.) It is available in the following languages, Australian, Canadian and UK English, Dutch, French, German, Norwegian and Swedish. An iPhone or the 32/64 GB versions of the late 2009 iPod Touch are necessary to record audio. If the iPod Touch 2G or 8GB late 2009 model are being used, a 3rd party microphone will be needed. iCommunicate is available from the App Store.