Pictello – Talking visual story creator

Age: 0

Disability: Developmental Disabilities

Device: iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

Platform: iOS 9.3 or later

Software: Pictello


Individuals who have difficulty reading the written word, non -verbal communicators, individuals who have comprehension issues, individuals who need to improve their thinking and reasoning skills.

Pictello is a talking visual story creator. It is an easy way for an individual to create, playback and share visual stories and talking books. It is particularly helpful for individuals with autism or for those that communicate non-verbally. It provides the option of using the natural sounding Text to Speech voices, or a user can record their own voice. Each page in a Pictello story consists of a photo or video and some text. This app is very easy to use and provides step-by-step instructions. It utilises the ‘Social Stories’ approach to teaching Social Skills and behaviours. Some prefer to customise their own voice overs as the ones available are OK but can read too quickly. It is a great app for adaptability and personalisation, especially with regards to modifying the VoiceOver and pictures used. There is also a ‘Restrictions’ mode to prevent a child from accidentally creating or deleting stories.