Mouth access with Nintendo Switch

Age: 0

Disability: Quadreplegia

Device: Nintendo Switch


Software: None

Hardware: QuadStick FPS game controller

Fine mouth movement

The Quadstick FPS is a PS3, PS4 and Nintendo Switch compatible game controller. It uses a larger and more rugged joystick module than the original model Quadstick. The FPS joystick offers a stronger, more definite centering spring and feel.Be aware that this joystick requires more force to move than the original joystick and may not be the best choice for users who have reduced strength in their lips. It comes with two mouthpieces and a USB cable and you can choose your mouthpiece size and colour. It mounts using a 2.4 cm/ 1inch Size B RAM Mount system, and there are 3 different mounting systems to choose from. The Quadstick FPS appears to the host device as a PS3, PS4 or Nintendo Switch compatible Gamepad, Mouse, Keyboard and Flash drive. The connections between the input sensors and the signals sent to the host are configurable by the user and can be changed between the pre-configured profiles, while playing a game, to match different stages of the game. It can be used with the XBox One Console with a Brooks Super Converter or CronusMax. The CronusMax can also be used with XBox 360.