Noah Callan

Age: 22

Disability: Cerebral Palsy

Device: iPad Mini 4

Platform: IOS 10

Software: Proloquo4text

Hardware: AbleNet Hook+ Switch Interface, AbleNet Specs Switch, RJ COOPER Magic Arm Mount and Enabling Devices tablet holder

Fine left hand control when strapped in.

To work my iPad Mini, I use switch control to navigate my way through. With one switch, I can do any hand gestures like a normal hand would. My switch is configured to ‘Select item’ which means if I selected something, a menu would come up and have a range of hand gestures, but that is not all, on the second page of the menu panel you can access hardware buttons like the home button, volume up and down, lock screen and even multi-tasking. I use a gliding cursor and my speed is set to 85. I have a magic arm mount on my chair made by RJ Cooper and an Enabling Devices tablet holder. I also use Assistiveware’s Proloquo4text for communication.


I can access IOS apps, this is handy for communication, I can also control home equipment like lights via the home kit app.


I can only do one hand gesture at a time, it can be a little bit slower to type, and I can’t rotate the screen by myself.

I would like Apple to add a mouse function so that I can use my Bluetooth joystick on my chair to work with my iPad Mini along with dwell click and the gestures menu panel.