Noah Callan

Age: 22

Disability: Cerebral Palsy

Device: MacBook Pro

Platform: Mac OS 10.10

Software: KeyStrokes/Proloquo

Hardware: Wheelchair Joystick

Fine left hand control when strapped in

I can turn my joystick mode to a bluetooth mouse from the display controller so that it knows to act as a normal bluetooth mouse. When the joystick is connected to the Mac, the mouse moves smoothly. For clicking, I use Assistiveware’s ‘KeyStrokes’, using their dwell click function, which if you place the curser in a specific spot automatically clicks for you within your set time. Mine is 0.75 seconds. I use their keyboard too with word prediction.


Fast and easy, selecting an item straight away.


It is hard to play clicking games like Badlanders, Bad Piggies and Flappy Bird.

Nothing at the moment.