Head access with Android TV

Age: 0

Disability: Quadreplegia

Device: Android TV

Platform: Android

Software: None

Hardware: GlassOuse

Fine head movement

This device is helpful if you cannot use your hands. It is compatible with all Windows, Android, Linux and Smart TV devices via Bluetooth. It has a wide viewing angle, the vertical angle is 160 degrees and 180 degrees horizontal. It involves a 9 axis gyroscope which gives it great precision. It should not be used whilst reclining fully or looking at the ground. It is ergonomic and lightweight, weighing only 50 grams. This will provide more efficiency and comfort. The mouthpiece is hygienic and it is made of materials that are non-carcinogenic and have CE abd RoHS certification. It is highly compatible with all Windows, Android, Linux and SmartTV devices via Bluetooth. After the Glasshouse is placed on the head the cursor will move according to the movement of the head. If the head is centered and in a comfortable position the cursor should be in the middle of the screen. To move the cursor left or right, the head needs to move side to side. The same method can be used to slide the cursor up and down. Specific individual sensitivities can be set. The Glassouse needs to be kept away from magnets and should not be folded or flexed. To clean the silicon piece separate it from the Glassouse and dry completely. Never use the silicon piece on the Glassouse if it is still wet. Also, don’t bite the mouthpiece too hard as teeth can damage the coating if excessive force is used.