Mac access for vision impaired

Age: 0

Disability: Vision impairment

Device: iMac/MacBook/MacBook Air/MacBook Pro/MacBook Mini

Platform: Mac OS 10.4+/10.10+

Software: Virtual Magnifying Glass

Hardware: Normal keyboard or mouse, joystick, trackball

Low vision/blind

Virtual Magnifying Glass is a free, open source, cross platform screen magnification tool. It is simple, customisable and easy to use. The latest features include that it shows the centre pixel’s RGB values, in both decimal and hexadecimal. You can copy it with Ctrl + C, it has multi-monitor support and the lens height and width can have any size. The mouse scroll-wheel now controls zoom factor and the Esc key closes the magnifier window, but it remains on systray. The Q key closes the software. There is a variable scale factor from 1x to 32x. There is new configuration dialog to choose the plugin, Hotkey and other settings. Just be aware that this is not commercial software and there is no customer support.