Mac access with dwell click

Age: 0

Disability: Cerebral Palsy

Device: iMac/MacBook/MacBook Air/MacBook Pro/MacBook Mini

Platform: Mac OS 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12 and later

Software: Pilotmoon DwellClick

Hardware: Mouse, Trackball mouse, Joystick

Fine motor hand skills

DwellClick lets you use your Mac without clicking. You point and it clicks. It is useful for people who have difficulty clicking a mouse or who cannot click a mouse at all. The delay settings can be changed at anytime for your personal needs. The floating control panel lets the user perform all the featurs of DwellClick without having to press a keyboard or perform physical clicks or touches. It is suitable for use with head-trackers and other handsfree pointind devices.