Trying out the Eyegaze Edge thanks to The Brainary

We had a fantastic opportunity to test out the Eyegaze Edge by LC Technologies thanks to our friends at The Brainary! It was great to see how this device works firsthand. Our founder Noah Callan gave it a good workout! He got to play pong, write sentences and was even able to control his own MacBook by using the Eyegaze Edge Link. The Eyegaze Edge Link® is a new device that creates a plug-and-play connection between your Eyegaze Edge system and any system controlled by a USB keyboard and mouse. An interesting point we learned about this particular eye tracking system and what sets it apart from others is that the actual eye tracker camera only uses one infrared light. This means the camera only needs to track one eye, not two.  For some people this may make it less tiring to use. The user can choose either their right or left eye depending on what feels more comfortable. Some of you in our community will like or dislike that only one eye is used for calibration and tracking, but it will very much depend on the individual users personal preferences and experiences. We really liked how it comes as a complete package, which includes an external speaker, and it has one of the coolest mounts we have ever seen! The system is also packaged in a backpack which makes it easy to transport, especially on the back of a wheelchair.  We’d like to say a big thank you to Jordan who took the time to come and visit us! If you want to learn more about the Eyegaze Edge, check it out here!