The New Mac Accessibility Keyboard

Over the past few days we have been trying out the new accessibility keyboard on mac OS Mojave with Parallels Desktop. It is a virtual machine that can run any operating system without having to run it on an actual device. We think this is pretty handy to have in your back pocket. Apple has done a great job to make an easy to use on-screen keyboard with predictive text. And the good news is that we don’t need to download any external software to access the on-screen keyboard in the first place. We have also been testing out the dwell click. Our founder thought that Apple has messed it up a little by not giving the dwell click its own panel separate from the keyboard. At the moment the keyboard and the dwell click is tied to each other. So, we found another way, using DwellClick by Pilotmoon, from there it is possible to basically copy the current KeyStrokes set up. You can easily check how Noah is using his computer by going to the User Set Up tab.