The future looks bright!

Did you know that about one in five people in Australia have a disability? Well, it’s true and we need to ensure that these people have access to the vast array of assistive technology that is available to do day-to-day tasks. This technology allows for greater independence, communication and connectivity. AHRC disability discrimination commissioner Alastair McEwin said people with disability don’t need to be told what they want or need, they simply need to be provided with the environment and tools to grow and be independent. “We need to make sure the system is better at supporting people with disabilities to make systemic change,” McEwin said. It is clear to us here at Disability Tek that we need to get rid of the ‘one fits all’ mindset because it doesn’t work. Look at Microsoft for example, they realised that people with disabilities were unable to use the normal XBOX controller so they made the XBOX adaptive controller which has a ‘plug in’ component. This allows for any kind of switch, joystick, etc. to be used, providing a customised set up for each individual.  Nowadays, we’re looking forward to artificial intelligence where robots can assist us to do stuff. McEwin said “technological advancements, innovation and a ‘digital revolution’ were already transforming the lives of people with disability, and therefore when I think of the future I envisage a world with unlimited possibilities and opportunities”. We here at Disability Tek are very proud to be part of this revolution and we hope that people that visit our site will continue to see the value we can add both now and in the future.