SteerMouse – Take control of your mouse

If you are using a Mac then this might be a good tool to keep in your back pocket. Normally on the Mac we can change little things for the mouse like tracking speed that allows the user to make the speed of the curser faster or slower and the ability to change the double click speed faster or slower. And that’s it for the system changes. It isn’t a lot right? Well, have you heard of SteerMouse? It’ll allow you to customise buttons, wheels and cursor speed. How cool is that? I recently got a new bluetooth mouse on my chair and the tracking speed was too fast and the sensitive speed was quite slow. It was hard to control. Luckily, I remembered back in the day using SteerMouse to control my AbleNet BIGtrack Trackball Mouse with greater precision. I highly recommend checking out and giving SteerMouse a test drive, sometimes you have to return to an absolute classic! You can download it here!