RightHear: A brilliant navigation system for the blind and visually impaired

Every day, we are all heading somewhere fulfilling our daily routine and getting on with our business but what if you have a vision impairment? RightHear is a navigation system that will guide you and become your eyes. This app provides real-time voice cues through a users own smartphone about precise indoor locations, directing an individual and narrating the surroundings around them. The voice notifications are based on information received from Bluetooth beacons (sensors) located in the building. The sensors can be easily installed by building owners, this is done by simply attaching them to a wall with a sticker. We here at Disability Tek think that this is one brilliant navigation system, and the outcome of it will give greater independence to the blind and visually impaired community which we think is amazing. RightHear is recommended for places like malls, corporations, universities, municipalities, airports, museums, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants. If the place that you are going to has the RightHear system, your device will alert you and pick up the signals automatically from the beacon. If your local store has the RightHear system a notification is sent to communicate that a new local RightHear enabled accessible zone has joined the RightHear network. This app can also instantly translate text and read it aloud in the user’s preferred language. This system is being used in Israel already but we hope to see it expanding in other countries soon. Check out their promo!