Psykinetic launched the world’s fastest eye-controlled communication keyboard

Last Wednesday, Psykinetic released the world’s fastest eye-controlled communication keyboard called Frontier. It has the ability to write 44 words per minute. This is amazing and life changing to someone with a physical disability like myself. “It takes practice. But it’s one of those things that grows and adapts with you at different levels,” said Dr Jordan Nguyen, Founder and CEO of Psykinetic. The backend algorithms allow the software to adapt to a users behaviour and eye movements. Even users without training were registering words per minute rates in the high twenties, according to Nguyen. “Everyone has the capacity to contribute to society, improve the lives of others, and ultimately work towards a better world for future generations,” the Psykinetic CEO said. “We are launching the starting points of a powerful movement that will open up a world of possibilities and empower individuals with more technological tools to help create that change.” Who knows what a disabled person could achieve next by having this amazing technology! Psykinetic have also released Atmosphere which is a a music device controlled by eye tracking as well as being a platform for various Psykinetic apps.