People with Intellectual Disability can practice driving thanks to virtual reality

Can you remember when we told you Endeavour Foundation were trialing some virtual reality for people with intellectual disability to practice catching the train? Well, they have gone to the next level, now it’s driving a car! How great is that! We need to see more of this. The makers of this mentioned that they had to map out streets and roads their customers would use and see everyday, making it easier to apply their skills in the real world. Endeavour Foundation implementation specialist, Stewart Koplick said “In the program, you pull out of the driveway, and then along the main road near one of our offices, and then into a McDonalds… which replicates that particular drive in real life.”  Input was given to the developers to make it as useful for users as possible, and used interactive elements, alongside the headset, to make it feel like the real deal. “We’ve got the pedals that go with the steering wheel to make it feel really real,” he said. This driving program needs to be improved a bit more but should be released at the end of this year.