Proloquo2Go 6 – New features are coming this September!

Have you ever wanted to communicate using different expressions? With Proloquo2Go 6 you can! The user can do funny sound effects, special pronunciation for a name, or just add a personal touch to a phrase. This is a quite a big step forward in the Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) world. The user can finally let their personality shine and respond in a way that is truly a representation of themselves. This update will be available sometime in September and IOS 11 is needed to run it. Also, the user can use AirDrop to send a single button, a whole folder, or an entire backup to another device without signing up for another service. This is going to help so many people, especially occupational and speech therapists who have multiple clients that need the same layout or edit without having to do the ground work again. This version will come with a bunch of symbols for users to use. Thanks AssistiveWare, we here at Disability Tek continue to love your work!