MotionSavvy UNI transforms sign language into voice

MotionSavvy has done something truly amazing for people who are deaf and use sign language to communicate. They have developed a device called UNI, this device turns sign language into voice. UNI helps people with hearing impairment who sign to communicate better with people who don’t sign.  UNI will certainly open doors for many people, enabling users to chat with family and friends more easily, or to communicate more clearly in a work environment. This device can also do ‘speech to text’. UNI also has a ‘sign builder,’  that enables specific hand gestures to be recorded. The CrowdSign feature lets the user upload, download, share, and manage various signs. MotionSavvy’s web based management tool enables an individual to update and manage the vocabulary on their devices. There is also a dictionary so that the user can make their own sign language directory with custom signs. Check out their promo video below.