Miriam is kicking goals with the help of Assistive Technology

Miriam Lozneanu, who is legally blind and partially deaf, is a 23-year-old computer science student at Clemson University in South Carolina, America. With a little help from technology, she is succeeding at her studies, she also earned an internship at Michelin North America, Inc. last Summer and is dreaming big! Miriam has applied for an internship at NASA. How cool and inspirational is that? Miriam uses magnification software to blow up the screen and text so that she can read it. She said, ‘My goal is to learn as much as I can and use the experience and knowledge to enhance the lives of disabled people through technology.’ We too at Disability Tek believe that technology enhances the lives of people with disabilities and that’s why we created a platform allowing people to share their knowledge and experiences. You too can be a part of this journey by going to User Set Ups and sharing your knowledge with others.