Microsoft XBOX Adaptive Controller brings disability community back to gaming

Recently, Microsoft announced that they are releasing an XBOX Adaptive Controller to bring the disability community back to gaming. This is fantastic news for those who always wanted to play games but found it challenging to operate the normal controller. The Adaptive Controller has large programmable buttons and connects to external switches, buttons, mounts, and joysticks. This Adaptive Controller is flat, small, and thin like a book. It has two large, round buttons that are configured to A and B by default but that can be changed. It also has a directional pad, an Xbox Guide Button and View/Menu buttons. The most fantastic thing is at the top of the adapter, there is all of the functions which can easily plug into multiple jelly bean switches to become the XBOX buttons. Cool isn’t it? The ports cover all the buttons, but not the two thumbsticks. They are powered through USB inputs on the left and right sides of the Adaptive Controller. If you have trouble moving your fingers, you can easily plug in a joystick via the USB inputs. It also has a rechargeable battery which can hold up to 25 hours. Check out the introduction video below.Thanks Microsoft for providing an opportunity for us to enjoy what for many is a simple pleasure – gaming. It is so great to see the joy it brings to people, you can see it on their faces. An opportunity to have some fun and to also connect with friends and family. We love it!