Meet and greet with Steve Wozniak

Last Friday, we had a great day at the Pivot Summit in Geelong, Victoria. We had the honour of listening to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak talk about his amazing journey to build Apple with his mate Steve Jobs. A really inspiring story, and it gave us insight into the challenges organisations face when starting out. Also, the importance of building a connection with the people you work with and valuing their contribution. Woz thought this was very important and really tried to take care of those that he felt were integral to Apple’s success, especially in the early days. Noah Callan, founder of Disability Tek was extremely fortunate to meet Steve Wozniak on the day. Steve congratulated Noah on the incredible work he is doing with Disability Tek. Noah thanked Steve for his contribution to engineering technology which has facilitated disabled people everywhere. Thanks Steve Wozniak for inventing something truly amazing which has assisted disabled people to connect and live more independent and empowered lives.