How did Stephen Hawking communicate?

Whether he liked it or not, Stephen Hawking was an accidental hero for Assistive Technologies and disability. It would be fair to say he was the most famous person with a disability to ever have lived in the modern era. He was a hero to many, and for someone like me who also has a disability, an excellent role model in demonstrating that a disability should not get in the way of achieving great and meaningful things. I often get asked by people what technology Stephen Hawking used to write and communicate. His ‘set up’ was an interesting one. Professor Hawking used an Intel communication device along with speech recognition. He used SwiftKey,  a keyboard software program that predicts what word you want next to communicate, based on the frequency of words used as part of the users everyday vernacular. So, like anyone who communicates, an individual pattern of language becomes apparent and over time the software has the ability to recognise the words needed most by the communicator.  Professor Hawking also had a switch implant in his cheek to control and use his system. In his lifetime Stephen Hawking demonstrated the power Assistive Technologies have, in decreasing the obstacles that get in the way of people with disabilities, to communicate and do meaningful work. Check out this video, it explains how Professor Hawking used his Intel communication device.