Driving game app suitable for playing one handed

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    Hi all. The sort of driving game my son loves are driving simulator games eg bus driving and picking up passengers at bus stops. Problem is the accelerator and the steering wheel are always on opposite sides of the iPad, thus using a thumb and forefinger from one hand only, the gap or space between them is too wide, thus very hard to control the brake or accelerator and steering wheel at the same time and crashes a lot! Provides frustration for him! Apart from this they are perfect games for him, even with a gps map to follow the right road to the next bus stop and passengers that scream if he goes round a corner too quickly or hits the kerb! Just wondering if there are any games like this that you or others know of, with easier smaller spaced controls?

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    Hi there, sounds like your son needs switch control! Switch control will allow him to control his iPad. Here’s the set up with the information you need: https://www.disabilitytek.com/user-setups/?pid=1259

    Don’t be daunted by the information. Just work through the steps one at a time and you will be OK. Take the time to watch the Youtube video as well, sometimes that can help.

    I suggest that you get a Jelly Bean Specs Switch instead of a Twist Switch as they are smaller in size and get a minimum of two. I am going to teach you an unusual word to put with technology but it is important. The word is ‘Recipe’. A Recipe in relation to switch control and the IOS world is programming a switch to perform the same action over and over again. I guess it is the same as cooking a recipe, as that is the same over and over too. One switch will be used for doing the recipe action and one will be used to exit the recipe because at some point you will need to be able to get out of the recipe.

    For the first switch you will need to go to: Settings > General > Accessibility and choose Switch Control > Turn on > Assign a switch > External switch > Click which switch you want it to be > Select item. (This is all on the Ipad).
    For the second switch: Assign a switch > External switch > Exit recipe.
    To make a Recipe: go to Recipe > Give it a name > Assign a switch > External switch > Click which switch you want it to be > Custom gesture >Click and hold >Do the action with your finger so the recipe can record it. Name the recipe. (Do the same steps for each action of your car game).

    Another option is you can use 1 switch to do everything with the Recipe Timeout. When a Timeout is specified, switch control will automatically exit the Recipe if no switches have been activated for the length of the Timeout.
    To use the Recipe, go to Menu items window > …> Recipe > Select a recipe. To get out of the Recipe, click the second switch. Choose another action, repeat the same steps: go to Menu items window > …> Recipe > select a Recipe.

    This might make it possible for your son to then play his game better with only limited one hand function. In the future, I want Apple to make recipe folders so the user can flick through the actions without having to go back to the main menu to have easy and quick access to the related options, but they haven’t done this yet.

    There is also a video on Youtube that you might like to have a look at, here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mL6UjNSv1Wc

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    Hey Danielsmum, sounds like looking into Apple Recipe’s may be useful as well?
    Happy to talk more about this if you like 🙂

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