Feelif – Smart devices for the blind and visually impaired

Every day we use our phones and tablets to connect with our friends and family and to also see what is happening in the world. That’s all well and good, but what if you’re blind or visually impaired? Well, Feelif is the answer. It has a special tacitle transparent grid that offers vibration, sound and visual information to make it possible to recognise shapes and pictures on a screen. How brilliant is that! There are 3 types of devices to choose from. Feelif Gamer which is a smartphone, Feelif Creator which is a creative tablet and finally Feelif Pro, a premium tablet. Feelif offers the following applications;  a camera, picture gallery, feelbook, browser and phone. If you get the Feelif Pro, it also comes with FeelBook Maker which allows sighted people to make tactile books, which can be played with FeelBook. The devices are Android based. Check out their promo video on their site.