Blind and visually impaired fight for touchscreen EFTPOS accessibility

Is this day and age whereby we are working toward a more inclusive society we would hope that day-to-day tasks such as banking related duties would in fact be accessible and inclusive for all. Well done to the ABC 7:30 report for highlighting the issues related to the rollout of CBA EFTPOS machines that are in-accessible to the blind and visually impaired. These machines offer no tactile keypad, and the need to share your pin with any transaction over $100. Obviously, this is totally unacceptable, with massive security ramifications for the user. Not to mention that this most probably is breaching the original contract with the bank to not share your pin with anyone. With over 350,000 blind and vision-impaired people living in Australia let’s hope that the CBA rectify this issue asap. We are optimistic that this story will shine a light once again on the inequalities that still exist today for people with disability and the work that still needs to be done around accessibility. We will keep you updated with what the CBA do next. Read the full article here.