Ava – Read what people are saying

Hearing things without having to think is amazing and sometimes we take it for granted, but what if you have a hearing impairment or are completely deaf? How can people who have difficulty hearing understand what people are saying? This can be particularly challenging if everyone is talking at once. Disability Tek would like to introduce you to the world of Ava. Ava allows people to read what people are saying in real time. How does it work? Well, it uses the microphone on your device to pick up someone’s voice and translates it to text which then appears on your screen. Pretty nifty uh? Ava can be used for one-on-one or group conversation like a family gathering. For this to work, everyone involved needs to download the app and invite others to a group chat, the user needs to ensure that they also speak into the microphone directly. Check out the video.