Artificial Intelligence is improving the way people with disability live

Who here likes people doing things for them? Of course we all do, right? Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we live and can also be cost effective to someone who has a disability. For example, care is expensive especially if you’re paying someone $60 to $80 an hour. But what if you had an Artificial Intelligence robot to look after you or your loved ones? Obviously, there would be an upfront cost but then you could have round the clock care. This is still a little way off but when it happens it will give independence back to someone who has a disability because they won’t have to rely on human care all the time. Robotic exoskeletons can also make a massive difference, they are on the way to allowing people who are paralysed from the waist down to walk again. This is still in the development stage but in a few years it could be life changing to some. Artificial Intelligence can also assist people with vision impaired function with the innovation of text to speech as well as allowing a person to dictate their voice to write on a computer. And how about maintaining your home? Cleaning can be hard with a disability and yes, you can hire somebody but again it can cost a lot. What if Artificial Intelligence can do this job for you? It can with the help of a robotic vacuum cleaner like iRobot Roomba that traces its own pattern over your floor to clean up dust, dirt, etc. Anyway, it’s a start.