Are you developing Assistive Technology?

Do you live in Rochester Minnesota, USA and are you developing Assistive Technology? Then this is your time to shine! Destination Medical Center’s, Discovery Square, is holding an Assistive Technology Expo at the Heinz Centre. This is a chance for tech innovators to showcase their product to the judges with a five minute pitch and three minute question time. This event is improving the lives of people with disability through Assistive Technology as well as providing a platform for further innovation. The judges are looking for Assistive Technology that will alleviate barriers to employment, reduce the need for and/or ease the demands of direct support of care providers, technology that develops social skills that better enable people with and without disabilities to interact and cultivate meaningful relationships and innovation that improves access to the community through public infrastructure. We love each and everyone of these purposes here at Disability Tek! Who can apply to pitch you may ask? Community-based teams and students and also professional corporations with annual revenues not exceeding $250,000. You need to consider the following questions before presenting. What problem are you solving? How are you solving the problem? Why is your team the one to solve it? And, what do you need to develop a minimally viable product (MVP)? The first and second place will be awarded $15,000 each to develop their ideas thanks to The Arc Minnesota. Also, first place will receive a further $5,000 and second place will receive a further $2,500. All first and second place teams will be eligible to participate in the Walleye Tank to pitch on December 7, 2018. This is similar to Shark Tank, for Aussie readers who may be wondering. If you want to apply to pitch, you can do so by clicking on this link here. Entries will close on October 19 US time. We here at Disability Tek think this is such a great initiative and believe there should be more opportunities like this for innovators of Assistive Technology to present their ideas.