Apple teaches vision impaired students to code

Apple sent out engineers to a school for the blind and visually impaired in Texas, to teach them how to code. This was done using an iPad along with accessibility features like Voiceover. ‘Swift Playgrounds’ is a program developed by Apple that engages users to code in a fun way, like a puzzle.  This is a fantastic initiative by Apple that gives these young students opportunities to maybe follow a career path in coding in the future. ‘We see this as a way to get them interested in coding and realise this could open job opportunities,’ said Vicki Davidson, an IT teacher at the school. ‘Apple has opened up a whole new world for kids by giving them instant access to information and research, and now coding.’ This session was planned ahead as part of the 2018 ‘Innovations in Accessibility’ event, where Apple director of accessibility Sarah Herrlinger will join the team from the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired to discuss the ‘Everyone Can Code’ program. Herrlinger’s talk is on the 15th of March. Here’s a video of what happened during the session. It was really fun stuff!