Noah Callan

Noah has cerebral palsy and is the CEO and founder of Disability Tek. Graduating from high school in 2016 Noah was set to embark on further studies in digital media, when a letter he wrote to Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, was picked up and helped change the way disabled people could access Apple products. Having spent years liaising with various software and hardware companies, always trying to improve the way he could use technology for himself and with the encouragement of family and friends, Noah decided to set up Disability Tek, to help others access and share the best possible technology available to improve the lives of people with a disability.

Noah lives for the excitement of discovering new technology and its amazing impact on how it always dramatically changes the quality of his life. However, these discoveries can often take many months of exhaustive searches, emails and correspondence and being dependent on Noah’s own particular physical capabilities, sometimes finding the right combination of software and hardware through trial and error can make the experience a lonely one often filled with many disappointments and failures.

Noah has reasoned that if everyone with a disability is able to share with others, how they access and use technology, then those with a similar disability can learn from this and overcome the trials and barriers in trying to source new technology for themselves. With the Set Ups and Forums section providing a source of technological ‘gold’ for all people, from experienced technological gurus like Noah, to someone who is new to a disability and has no idea what to do or what is out there.

Noah is calling upon everyone to share their knowledge and experiences to help others make great discoveries and be in awe of the quality of life that technology can give us all.

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