A visit to Zyteq to try out some eye gaze technology

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit Karyn at the Zyteq, Melbourne office. The purpose was to try out some eye gaze technology as I am currently looking at updating my communication technology. I tried the Zyteq Tellus i5 device (hardware). This device is suitable for someone who wants to work on a powerful, eye gaze accessible tablet PC for all their AAC and computing needs. It is a great system if you want to communicate as well as use your device for email, internet browsing and work-related tasks. Its fast processing and powerful software gives someone like me more independence than ever. The software I used was Alea IntelliGaze. This is a powerful and accurate plug and play eye gaze system. The eye tracking sensor is tolerant to head movements, sun-light, vision impairments and copes with most vision aids. This state of the art technology ensures that the widest range of users can access the computer with the highest accuracy. It empowers users to communicate, control the environment and operate Windows applications just using your eyes. No matter whether you prefer using office programs, social media or entertainment, IntelliGaze opens a whole world of computer access to advanced users like me. It is also optimised for mobile platforms. Its unique power saving features extend the mobility of its users. It was mind blowing how much easier and faster it was for me to communicate! This kind of technology can change a person’s life and I am so excited to trial it over the next couple of weeks. So thank you Zyteq for the opportunity to test it out. Watch this space to see how my trial goes. I can’t wait!